Relational Presence 
simply means being available for connection through a neutral gaze without agenda, or even a need for words. It is the pre-condition for masterful communication; just being with others without judgment, demands or expectations. It is the capacity of being comfortable in any situation, able to respond in the moment—even if losing your train of thought, forgetting a word, or having an emergency arise. You learn to trust yourself to be present and to access whatever you need.

Communication occurs more authentically, organically from within. You move through performance anxiety into the pleasure of being seen and heard. The emphasis on being with one person at a time, allowing natural silence, and listening without judgment  relieves the pressure to perform.

What kind of results can I expect?

If you suffer from performance anxiety, your perspective on communicating to a group may shift dramatically from impossible to very possible. You can quickly move past fear of being the center of attention to discover the gift of receiving support from your listeners. It becomes as comfortable and pleasant to speak to a group as to a close friend.

If you are an experienced presenter, you will find a new level of freshness and spontaneity as you trust yourself to speak authentically rather than from a tightly scripted speech. When you are completely genuine, you will inspire and motivate others, and become energized rather than drained by speaking opportunities.

Participants in Relational Presence training and workshops report the benefits of greater receptivity, connection, and self-trust. Natural humor and charisma emerge when there is no pressure to perform. In business settings, relational leadership presence fosters greater ease in team building as well as customer service and sales, bringing a new depth of attunement in challenging times such as organizational change. With family and friends, Relational Presence often creates a sense of safety, so that people around you feel accepted for who they are and are more willing to trust and connect at a deeper level.

Mastery of Relational Presence yields a genuineness that creates psychological safety for you and others. Ultimately, Relational Presence is an opportunity to connect with your unique inner voice that brings greater mindfulness, authenticity, connection, and confidence to your life.

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